Technical glass

Technical glass

Glass is a material we use every day. We manufacture an extensive range of products—special technical glasses, exactly matched to the requirements of individual customers—from this versatile material.

Our expertise covers virtually everything that can be done with technical glass, be it CNC processing, screen printing, safety glass or thermal or chemical prestressing.

Product examples

  • Eyepieces, sight glasses, cover plates, glass plates
  • Thermally prestressed glass, antireflection coated glass, tubes and cylinders
  • ESG, pressed glass
  • Glass strips, Raschig rings
  • Glass capillaries
  • Glass balls, pipettes, glass spirals, rods, coated glass, technical coloured glasses, glass rods in straight and angled shapes—all components
    anti-reflection coated or mirrored on request

Areas of application

  • Medical equipment, industry
  • Machine and plant construction
  • Optoelectronics
  • Science
  • Glazing for security areas
  • Research
  • Chemical industry
  • Metrology, etc.